Premium Lawn - Cultivated Lawn Turf / Seeds and fertilizer in bio textil - 100 % biodegradable

Which lawn should I choose?

Premium Allround - The Most Luxurious Lawn

For the vast majority of areas in Sweden, our premium lawn is best suited. It has a really nice green color and a perfect composition with both thick and narrow grasses that are wear resistant and can withstand both sun and shade well. The hallmarks of Masterline Premium are robust, dense, fine color and luxurious. With proper care and care, this can feel really luxurious.

Extra Green - More dry residence grass

We have also developed a lawn that is perceived as extra green as the mixture in this gives this experience. Many people like this but I myself ran on the Premium option and this we have a lot of pictures on in e.g. Instagram. Extra green is a little extra tolerant to drought and stays green longer during hot periods/watering bans. Extra Green has a slightly longer establishment time against other varieties as it grows slowly / low maintenance and then the roots go further down into the soil before the grass shoots come up. Contact us for more info.

Make a golf green

Our platinum lawn can be mowed down to 0.6 mm and is suitable for golf greens etc. Contact us if you are interested in this.

Extreme cold - Northern Sweden

If you live in Northern Sweden, it can be good to have a lawn that can withstand more cold and then Extra Greenis a good option.

Minimal care and maintenance

A rug that stays greener during dry perives and requires minimal maintenance is this rug. However, it has a long establishment period but is then a carpet that rakes very little maintenance.

lawn that can withstand more cold

Manure at establishment, improves the earth's root development capacity

Flower meadow

Simply roll out your flower meadow

Perennial flower meadows on degradable cloth

Perennial flower meadows on seeds + special grass seeds

The new Generation of eco-friendly lawn

Biodegradable culture textile 3mm with fertilizer