Build/ Lay Lawn Turf in your Garden with our new generation of grass

Rake / roll out

Pedal and rake out the soil, then roll out the canvas and make sure it is stretched just like a tablecloth. Place the planting cloth wrap with about 3-5 cm in the joints. It will only grow grass where the canvas covers the soil.

You can easily shape by cutting the canvas with ordinary scissors. The cloth glues itself to the ground when you water it. To keep it in place before you can water it, you can use some soil or, for example, stones if the wind blows. Our grass pegs make it easier even if the ground slopes and you also do not have to use stones!

Once you've rolled out the rollgrass cloth, it's time to water plenty. Make sure that the cloth is always damp. If it does not rain, it is good to water morning and evening. (about 3 weeks) Alternative watering 10 min every 3h with timer is best for fastest growth. If you roll out the carpet before winter or early spring when the temperature for grass is not here (+8-10 C in ground temperature) you can throw thin layer of soil on the canvas and wait for the right temperature. Then boost with grass ingots when you start watering and the heat is in.

When the grass after a few weeks is about 8-10 cm, it is time to cut the first time. Cellulose scoction/ nutrients will break down within 6-8 weeks. Grass and lawn you have in the right weather, temp and watering within 2-4 weeks.

Enjoy and take care of your lawn just like with a regular traditional lawn.

We are passionate about environmentally smart products.

En fantastisk enkel

Leif Ö ( En fantastisk enkel lösning. Man rullar bara ut mattan och börjar vattna. Vi satte automatvattning var 4:e timme i 10 minuter. Efter 2 veckor var det gräs och efter 4 en färdig gräsmatta. Rulle väger ju inget! )

“Väldigt nöjd med leverans och produkten som är helt unik. Har fungerat kanon att anlägga gräsmattan och duken limmade sig mot jorden när man vattnade på denna. Återkommer med bilder!”


"Jag har fascinerats av hur lite vatten som används vid vattning av Rullgräs-duken (cellulosa). Produkten är verkligen innovativ, miljövänlig, effektiv, biologiskt nedbrytbar, lätt att installera och dessutom spar man vatten."

Dale B. ( Norge, Kongsvingers )

"Vi planterade Villa Masterline Premium 720m2 i slutet av oktober 2016. Efter en vecka kom det snö och då var vi lite oroliga om det skulle bli någon gräsmatta. Våren kom i maj, gräsmattan fortsatte att växa bra !. Vi älskar verkligen denna försådda produkt och vi har ni en fin gräsmatta."

Lars L


Lay lawn easily

Lay lawn easily with roll grass cloth. Setting or a new lawn can be difficult and time consuming. Sows lawn with seeds, it takes a long time and the seeds float around in puddles so that the lawn does not grow evenly. It thus becomes very empty stains and it takes a very large amount of water if it is to get right which it almost never does without sowing grass several times. Rolling out traditional old rolling grass is very heavy and you also have to do this often within 12 h. If you have, for example, 200 m2, you should carry around and lay out 4 tons of grass that is often supplied on pallets. Old traditional rolling grass also has cut roots and it takes a lot more water for these to be adapted to the new environment and often the lawn can die spotty and look strange in the joints. Like all newly sown lawns, you should not enter such a lawn until the roots of the grass have taken a new hold in the new soil.

Lay grass all year round with our roll grass cloth

With our product we use the best seeds and seed mixtures developed by researchers and gardening experts at DLF Seeds and which are then tested by SCANTURF and SCANGREEN, a development program from the seed industry by researchers in Scandinavia. The mixtures are specifically designed for our climate and with our product you can build lawn all year round when it is not capercaillie or snow of course. Our product weighs for 200 m2 only 14 kg so it will be easy to roll out and carry. When you water the cloth glues itself to the soil and then just water and keep the cloth moist. Often you water for example in the morning and evening at the beginning.

Swedish innovation that we manufacture in Sweden

We manufacture our roll grass cloth from FSC-certified wood fiber and then sew grass seeds and fertilizer into it to ensure an optimal growth environment. The cloth keeps the moisture extremely well and the growth of the lawn is faster. The grass quickly begins to take root and then grow up. After a few days, you'll see the first straws. After two weeks you have a lot of grass and then you can add / throw out some extra nutrition (grass matte fattening on barley) if you want to speed up the process further. After three to four weeks (the grass is 8-10 cm) cut the grass the first time (cut max 1/3) and after this the carpet grows quickly dense and fine.

Our product is also ideal for inclined plots and slopes as the grass seeds are sewn into the canvas and lie still where they should be.

Nature's best seeds for your garden.

Easily lay your new lawn