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Prepare the Earth

Our rolling grass is rolled out to earth. You can also cook existing lawn as long as you roll out the canvas against soil. The best earth is grass earth or topsoil. Make sure to step out the soil or run with e.g. grid roller so it is compressed just right. After all, you're going to walk on the lawn later without sinking. 🙂


Roll out

Roll out rollgrass on canvas. Add the joints 2-3 cm overlap. Where the canvas is, it's grass. Use stones or soil as any weight if the wind blows a lot. Then water the cloth and glue itself to the ground.


Water for example morning and afternoon depending on rain. The cloth should stay moist for the first few weeks. After about two weeks you can sprinkle on some extra fertilizer to speed up the process a little more. Water after you get tired of this. Grass seeds in the canvas are of different species and some species take 1 week to germinate while some take up to 3 weeks. But after two weeks, it starts to look like lawn. Cut the first time when the grass is about 8-10 cm. Cut max 1/3. The grass also spreads the width when cutting.

Why choose us?

We are specialists in lawn and cultivation with cellulose fiber cloth, and with us you have a specialist who will be happy to accompany you on the journey to the area's finest lawn. We care about our customers and want everyone to succeed with their lawn or planting. We have long experience and have tested all our products ourselves at home with ourselves and know that it works and how to use them to work at its best. The products are also tested by hundreds of customers and also during the development in the laboratory.

We have a product that cannot be failed if you do the watering and put it on a good foundation. Then you'll soon have the area's finest lawn. As I said, we are also with you all the way if you have questions or concerns about something.

Our mission.

We want everyone to be able to succeed in getting a beautiful garden in a simple way without unnecessary and heavy work.

Bring nature in your home.

We don't cut corners to maximize our profit.